Hello, I'm Linda,Your LEADER SUCCESS Coach



I'm a Leadership Coach specialising in identity, behaviour, communication and connection. 

Empowering people around the globe who want to achieve success by showing up authentically and with confidence, I teach leaders how to coach their teams as well as help technical experts easily transition into leadership roles by giving them strategies to lead, and communicate and connect with their teams, peers and others.

They achieve more, develop better relationships, feel understood, have clearer boundaries, are happier, and have control of their personal and professional lives. 

An accredited behaviour profiler and emotion coach, for me, life is all about understanding who you are at your core, how you show up as a leader, overcoming limiting beliefs and having the courage to show the world who you really are.

I have more than 30 years experience in the corporate and Government/GBE sectors, with over 15 years in senior leadership roles. 

With an EDISC behaviour style of DI (Direct and Influencer), I haveas been successful in coaching a range of people, supporting them to create change and transformation in addition to being a strong accountability partner


Working with my clients brings me such joy, especially their openness, authenticity and courage to show the world who they really are.

Thanks to technology, I'm able to work with clients from all around the globe, in particular Australia, USA, Canada and the UK, which is truly awesome because success doesn't need to be restricted - so let's share the love.

Qualifications and accreditation

When it comes to learning, I can't seem to get enough and keep going back again and again. And that means I can provide so much more value to you, as a client.

☑️ Level 3 Trained Facilitator - The Coaching Institute, Australia   

☑️ Leader as Coach - Columbia Business School, USA

☑️ Certified Practitioner of Meta Dynamics™ - The Coaching Institute, Australia

☑️ Accredited Behaviour Profiling - HR Profiling Solutions and Extended DISC Australasia

☑️ Qualified Facilitator of Tuning into Teens - University of Melbourne

☑️ Professional Trainer - The Coaching Institute, Australia

☑️ Foundations of Coaching Success - The Coaching Institute, Australia

☑️ Continuing Professional Coaching -The Coaching Institute, Australia 

☑️ Co-Starters Program Facilitator - Co.Starters, Chattanooga, Tennessee 

☑️ Masters of Marketing - University of Tasmania

☑️ Innovation and Entrepreneurship - University of Tasmania

☑️ Leadership Development Program - Melbourne Business School

☑️ Diploma in Business - TAFE Tasmania

☑️ Diploma in Financial Services - KAPLAN

Meta Dynamics™ Graduation, with Matt Lavars, Lead Trainer, The Coaching Inst.

Meta Dynamics™ Graduation, with Matt Lavars, Lead Trainer, The Coaching Inst.